August 2014 update: The Fallen Reign song “Falling Apart” premiered on radio station 101.5 FM in North Dakota. The band would like to thank their friends and fans for their support! The tracks selected for the new Fallen Reign EP are: Falling Apart, Free my Soul, Darkened Skies. Destiny, and Answer the Call. Fallen Reign will have their recording completed at Lasse Lammert’s studio in Germany this summer. Lasse has done great albums for the bands Gloryhammer, Alestorm, and many others. Fallen Reign is performing regional shows this spring, visit the Live Show tab for the next concert!   JODY KERMOADE VOCALS / GUITAR LEIGH JAMIESON BASS GUITAR DAN OWENS DRUMS Fallen Reign formed in Omaha, Nebraska in 2013. The band members had played in the band Revelation before the members went their separate ways to play in a variety of regional acts. Fallen Reign has picked up where Revelation left off and succeeded in taking their music to the next level! The band has been writing original material in the style of European power metal bands like Stratovarius and Hammerfall. Band bio: EMAIL: SITE CONTENTS COPYRIGHT 2013 BY FALLEN REIGN PRODUCTIONS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED